Viscose-free and what it means!

To put it simply, our blend of bamboo is not processed with viscose in it. Our blend is just “bamboo and spandex”

For so long, while I developed this business, I had researched just about everything there possibly was except for the actual blends of bamboo and what they all mean. Once we selected the perfect factory, I noticed our first round of fabric just wasn’t as soft as I wanted. I wanted to know why. 
Turns out, I was receiving “bamboo and spandex” and not “bamboo viscose and spandex”

Once we changed the way our pure bamboo and spandex was printed, it created a much softer result than anything we had felt before. So much, in fact, that we haven’t felt anything softer and we are IN LOVE with it. It’s thicker, fluffier, and absolutely incredible. 

As a business owner, it hit me like a brick wall when I suddenly figured out this was the difference. My amazing factory kept urging me to stick with “bamboo and spandex” because it is “so much better for the environment” when it’s created.  I jumped on the computer and began the research. I won’t go into a lot of detail about what I found but a quick search opened my eyes COMPLETELY to the world of bamboo. Evidently the process of bamboo is a very complex one and to put it frankly, we never wanted to consider any other blend after what we discovered. When I say I want the BEST for your babies, I truly mean that. Down to the process of how the cellulose fibers are processed and created. I didn’t just want something that could pass as “eco-friendly” I actually wanted it!
Not only did I want the best end result, but I wanted the most environmentally friendly blend possible and I am here to tell you we have just that. 


Who knew one little word could change everything about the blend of the fabric and how it is processed. What you get with Ollee and Belle is pure. We made sure of it.