About us

My name is Jacqueline, Owner and creator of Ollee and Belle! In 2013, I picked up my first sewing machine and slowly taught myself how to sew. I began to grow my little business shortly after my first son was born. After some time of working from home, I had close to 7,000 sales on Etsy!  It didn't take long to find that fire burning passion that has peddled me to where I am today. I loved the clothing side of it, but what I loved more was the clientele side. I adore working with people and making them as happy as possible. You are why I never sit still. I am constantly making changes for the better. I PROMISE to always be transparent and to always put YOU and your sweet babes first. I am now the mother of four absolutely wonderful children Braxton, Nolan, Olivia, and Emma. They continue to drive my passion. I will never be able to express the love I have and the strive I will always make to provide top quality clothing for your children. <3